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"He did it for me" Salvation Cards

This Salvation card is painted by Sister Anita Swartzendruber with Scripture on the back of it. This is very useful to share about Christ who died for all. This salvation cards are effective means to reach the tribal and fishing communities who are most illiterates.

The picture speak to the people as they look at it carefully how Jesus hanging between the world and heaven. This salvation cards are available in Telugu and we also are praying to print in other languages. There is a great need of printing cards, please contact us printing more cards to share the love of Christ who died for them.


Fight the good fight of Faith

Fight the good fight of Faith is a sound biblical study notes on I&II Timothy by Pastor Richard Sivo. It is a systematic and detailed study of these two important epistles of Paul to Timothy. Each chapter is short enough to be used in a single session; each contains an introduction, a study of a scripture passage in outline form and an application for daily life. The studies will change unbelievers to trust Christ as a Savior and will challenge believers to a deeper walk with Christ as the Lord. The studies are also suitable for pastors and teachers in a church or classroom setting. 

We translated and printed this book in Telugu and distributed to pastors, church planters and Christian leaders during our annual conference 2012, Pastor Sivo was our keynote speaker, taught us from this book. We received a strong feedback from the people that this book is a great source of inspiration for the ministry. This book is available in both English and Telugu and we are praying to print this book in other languages soon possible. Please contact us for more details.

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50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die

Fifty Reasons Why Jesus came to Die is a wonderful book from Dr. John Piper dealing with the important questions Why was Jesus crucified? Why did he suffer so much? What has this to do with me?  The author gathered from the New Testament fifty reasons to answer all our questions about Jesus. In a pluralistic context of India where people believe in three hundred million gods and goddesses, this book gives unique reasons to believe in Jesus Christ who died for the whole world.  

This book has been used as a tremendous evangelism tool to share about God’s purpose of Jesus taking a human form.  This book is first printed with the initiation of Sister Lillian Clark and Brother Terry Maveous in 2009 and again in 2010. Now with the partnership of The Gospel Coalition, we reproduced this book for the advancement of God's kingdom in India, as it has been used as on evangelism tool. Please contact us for more details.

The Gospel as Center

The Gospel as Center is a wonderful book that helps us reclaim the core of our beliefs, edited by D.A Carson and Timothy Keller. The motive is to renewing our faith and reforming our ministry practices. God gave us opportunity to translate, print and distribute this book among the Oriya speaking people.

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