Philadelphia Missions supports native missionaries because they are more effective in reaching their own communities. We are not just train the missionaries but continue pray for them, encourage them and support them monetarily. Through the effective work of the native missionaries we planted several churches.

The native missionaries are significant in furthering of the gospel to the most unreached communities and areas. They are more effective because they do not have cultural, linguistic and social barriers. They ready to go anywhere to fulfill the Great Commission without hesitation even at risking life. They easily identify themselves with host culture or community as they are able to live at the same standards of those around them.

Support a Missionary :
You can support a missionary and his family to meets his primary needs on a monthly basis.

Support an Evangelism kit
This kit contains a microphone, drum, lights, etc. It is an invaluable tool in helping the evangelist in his work to further the gospel among the unreached people groups, who often live in areas hostile to Christianity.